ITS HAPPENING! Liverpool Will Now Join Man United To Vote For Premier League Rule Change

Liverpool will join with Manchester United and a host of other clubs in voting to end the early closure of the summer transfer window at a Premier League meeting next week.

Two years ago, English football’s top-flight clubs voted overwhelming to close the window before the start of the season to end the uncertainty that often surrounded players and clubs in the first few games of the campaign.

However, the rest of Europe did not follow the Premier League’s lead, which has created just as many problems as under the old system.

And according to The Times, clubs will vote again on when the transfer window should close at a Premier League chairman’s meeting on September 12.

Despite having voted in favour of the change two years ago, Liverpool’s position has now changed and they will join United – as well as City – in pushing for a return to the old timetable and closing the window at the same time as other European leagues.

Many Premier League sides felt they were hindered this summer because their rivals on the continent were able to continue dealing for three weeks after the English deadline.

Some Premier League players were unsettled as they could still be transferred away – notably Tottenham’s Christian Eriksen and United midfielder Paul Pogba – while any players that were let go could not be replaced.

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