The Rich Kids and I Episode 1

Amaya’ pov “Maya,my little princess”.My dad called on his sick or you can say dieing bed “Yes dad,I’m here”.I said admist tears,holding his hand tight and he smiled “You don’t have to cry my dear,I’ll be fine”.He said wiping the tears on my cheeks “I know you’ll be fine”.I said and sniffed and he started looking around like he’s looking for something “What are you looking for dad?”.I asked “My princess smile.I don’t know where I left it.maybe it is here”.He said placing his hand on my cheeks and parted my lips and I smiled “That’s it.the most beautiful smile ever”.He said “Dad”.I said smiling and he smiled “Don’t forget our promise okay?” “Yes dad.I should always keep the necklace safe and protect it” “That’s my girl” The necklace is a pendant necklace attacked with a key “Give daddy a hug”.My dad said and I hugged him.I felt like hugging him forever but I can’t.I moved away from him and his eyes were closed “Dad”.I called in fears tapping his hand lightly “Dad,no,no,you can’t do this to me,you have a family dad,don’t leave us dad,please wake up,you can’t leave us alone”.I cried,shaking him “Nurse”.I yelled and some nurses came in “Please check him,he’s still alive,please tell me he’s still alive”.I shaked the nurse as she checked my dad “I’m sorry ma’am but he’s gone”.She said and walked away,probably to go call a doctor.A doctor came in and used a cloth to cover him “No,you can’t take him.He’s not dead,dad please wake up,they are taking you away,please wake up,don’t allow them to take you away dad”.I yelled,crying as some men held me,thinking I’m probably going insane “Don’t touch me and remove that cloth from him.I said he’s not dead,what’s wrong with you people”.I yelled,trying to free myself from the men holding me.They didn’t listen to me and they took my dad out of his ward “Come back here,don’t take him away,he’s not dead,he’s just sleeping,he’s gonna wake up soon,please don’t”.I yelled and a nurse approached me with a syringe “What are you trying to do?”.I asked in fear,trying to free myself “Just calm down ma’’s not gonna hurt you”.She replied calmly “No.don’t do it.I wanna see my dad”.I said and the nurse inserted the syringe into my body “No.I….wanna see my dad”.I Said weakly before I fainted ****************************
I woke up in the hospital,on a bed and tried to get up when I felt a drip on my hand.I forcefully removed it and went out of the ward “Ma’am you are not really strong now”.A nurse said approaching me “I’m fine”.I said and walked out of the hospital slowly.I just kept walking on the street and I didn’t know where I was going “Dad how could you leave us,how could you do this to us,you didn’t even consider my siblings.who will take care of us,I don’t have a job and mom still continues with her I’m I gonna take care of Betty and Donald,they are still young and schooling,who will pay for their fees,who will…..”.I was interrupted by people’s shouts and I looked up to see a car rushing towards me.I tried running away but I was too late . . .

Tbc Is the car gonna hit her,is she going to die watch out for the next episodes

Story by Kehinde Lawal
Brought to you by: Naijamic

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