♡The Rich Kids and I♡ Episode 4

Amaya’s pov
I watched as Dylan left in annoyance and I rolled
my eyes
Well he pushed me to it,I don’t tolerate nonsense
even if you are my crush
“Let me show you to your room”.Mr Delvin said
and took my laugages
“Don’t worry,I can handle it myself”.I said
collecting my luggages from him
“Okay.Follow me”.He said and we headed
upstairs.We entered a room and it was like a
paradise,it is like a glass room,almost everything
is made of glass,except the doors,the bed and
the wardrobe
“Wow,is this my room?”.I asked in amazement
“Yes miss,it is all yours”.He said and I chuckled
“You don’t need to call me miss,you are old
enough to be my father,you can call me Maya”
“Okay Maya”.He said and I looked around the
room with my eyes
“Should I get something for you?”.Mr Delvin
‘Oh,please don’t worry.I can get anything myself.
Just please can you show me around”
“Yeah.sure.let’s go”.He said
“Okay”.I said dropping my luggages and followed
Kylan’s pov
“Do you have any plans today?”.Ryan asked me
“Not really”
“If you don’t,we could practice our songs and
dance steps”
“Maybe later.I think I’ll go out today”
“Okay”.Ryan said and Dylan came downstairs
“Where’s that rude maid?”.He asked
“She’s with Mr Delvin.There she comes”.Ryan
said and he turned to face her
“Hey,rude maid,what’s your name?”.Dylan asked
“Amaya but you can call me Maya”.She said and
Dylan scoffed
“Whatever,let’s go”.Dylan said
“Where to?”.Maya asked in a confused tone
“To the mall.I have to go buy some things.since
you are working here,then you work for us”
“I know”
“Then why did you ask me where we were off
“To be sure so you won’t kidnap me or do
anything to me”.She said and I smiled
This is gonna be fun,watching Dylan and the
maid argue all the time.it’s gonna be superb
“Let’s go”.Dylan said in annoyance and they both
went out of the house
“I’m also off.I’ll be back in the afternoon”.I said
standing up
“Okay”.Ryan said and I went out
Amaya’s pov
We got to the mall and got down from his
car.Immediately he got down,people started
screaming and taking pictures but he just kept
walking.We went to the clothes store and he
bought a lot of clothes,handling the bags to me
as I struggled with them
“Is it heavy for you?”.He asked
“Oh.sorry,should I help you?”.He asked
“Yes,please”.I said and gave him some.He was
about to collect it when he pushed me and I fell
to the ground,with all the bags,scattered on the
“So you wanted to give me.Are you stupid.Look
here,I’m your boss and I don’t accept shits from
people.understood”.He said and I stood
up,dusting my clothes
I wasn’t angry because he pushed me but I’m
upset because everyone was watching and
taking videos and pictures of us and I swear if
this video or photos goes viral,he’s gonna regret
I bent down to pick the bags and was about to
pick it when he pushed me with his legs
“I said understood?”.He said and I stood
up,ignoring him.He grabbed my arm and slapped
my face
That’s it
I returned the slap,twice and people gasped
“Hey,what did I do wrong,is something wrong
with you,please respect yourself”.I yelled and
walked out of the mall
“Come back here”.He yelled after me and I just
ignored him

Brought to you by: Naijamic
Story by Authoress Kenny

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