♡The Rich Kids and I♡ Episode 5

Dylan’s pov Damn!!,did that rude maid just slap me “Sir are you okay”.A guy(maybe a worker) asked “Pick the bags and follow me”. “Yes sir”.He said and I went out.I met the rude maid in my car and got extremely annoyed “Get down”.I said,opening the car but she remained there “I SAID GET THE HELL OIT OF MY CAR!!”.I yelled,which diverted more people’s attention but she didn’t even move.I grabbed her arm and dragged her from my car “You have no right to enter my car”.I said in anger “And you have no right to treat a lady like this”.She said and I scoffed “You must be stupid for saying that” “And you must be stupid for treating a girl like that”.She said and I angrily threw my phone at her.I went to her stomach and she fell to the floor,groaning in pains.I bent down and held her hair “That’s what you get for being rude and stupid.Next time you try this,you are gonna get more than this”.I whispered yo her ear “Bitch” “What did you say?” “You are a fucking bitch”.She yelled and I slapped her “Don’t you ever call me that”.I said and she chuckled “Why?,because you are a bitch”.She said and I stood up.I kicked her stomach and stepped on her “I wish you dead”.I said and entered my car I got home and signalled Mr Delvin to get the things in my car “Where’s Maya?”.Ryan asked as I stepped into the house “Why are you asking me?”.I asked in anger “Because you guys went out together” “I don’t fucking care where she is right now and just leave me alone”.I said and stormed to my room I hope she dies where she is . Kylan’s pov “I have to go now,my brother needs me at home”.I told my friend (Liam) “Okay,see you later”.He said and we hugged,patting our backs “Bye”.I said and went out of his office.I entered my car and drove out of his company.I sighted our new maid alongside the road,sitting down beside a tree and her face was in her palms.I got down from my car and walked up to her “Maya?”.I called and she looked up “Why are you here,where’s Dylan” “He left me” “He left you?,why” “Because I slapped him”.She said and I looked at her in shock and surprise How could she slap a brother of mine.didn’t she know who Dylan is.I’m sure he must have done something terrible to receive a slap from a maid “Why did you slap him?”.I asked “He started it” “Okay.let’s go.Your face is already red and you have a scratch in your hand”.I said and she stood up.She started walking and was about to fall but I caught her “Did he beat you badly”.I asked as I helped her walk,placing her hand around my neck and she nodded.Some people sighted us and started taking pictures of us Gosh,I’ve totally forgotten.I’m sure this is gonna go viral “There you go”.I said as I helped her into the car.I turned and also entered and drove to our house. “I can walk now.Thank you”.She said as I was about to help her “Okay”.I said and she got down.We entered the house and Ryan came to us “What happened to you,who did this to you?”.He as me Maya “Dylan but Kylan helped me home” “How,why” “I’ll tell you later.I need to go take care of myself first” “Oh,okay,sorry”.Ryan said and she went upstairs “What happened to her?”.Ryan asked and I shrugged my shoulders . Amaya’s pov I went upstairs and saw Dylan coming down the stairs.He glared at me and I also returned it I will have my revenge Dylan He started coming down the stairs when I brought out my leg and he stripped over the stairs,shouting That’s what you get for being rude and stupid I quickly ran to my room and went into the bathroom . . . You deserve it Dylan,use that to remember not to mess with anyone anyhow

Brought to you by: Naijamic
Story by Authoress Kenny

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