♡The Rich Kids and I ♡ Episode 2

Ryan’s pov “Mr Delvin,slow down”.I shouted as the car moved fast “The brakes doesn’t seem to work anymore”.Mr Delvin said and my heart started beating fast “What!!,do something”.I yelled “I can’t,it isn’t working”.He said looking at the brakes “Mr Delvin,watch out!!”.I yelled but before we knew it,the car has already hit a girl. “Use your seatbelt”.Mr Delvin said and I used it.He turned the wheel and the car hit a tree “Goodness”.I shouted and Mr Delvin rushed out of the car.I also got down from the car and saw a girl on the floor,laying lifelessly.Mr Delvin carried her and halted a taxi.We entered the taxi and the driver turned to us “My goodness,it’s…it’s Ryan”.The driver exclaimed “Yes,please start the car and drop us at a nearby hospital”.Mr Delvin said in a calm tone “Can I get your signature?”.The driver asked me “Are you daft,can’t you see the lady is deing.come on,start the fucking car”.I yelled and he flinched “Y..yes”.He said and started the car “Calm down Delvin”.Mr Delvin said We got to a hospital in no time and we rushed in calling a nurse.They brought a bed and Mr Delvin gently placed her on it “Please,give her immediate treatment”.Mr Delvin said “Yes”.The nurse replied and they took her into a ward.A doctor came out after some minutes and we both rushed to him “How is she?”.Mr Delvin asked the doctor “She’s fine now,she’s a strong girl,she is already conscious but she’s still weak” “Okay,can we see her now”.I asked “Yes” “Thank you”.My Delvin and I said together ” erm..can I get your signature?”.The doctor called after me “Later”.I said and we rushed into the girl’s ward.She was crying silently and Mr Delvin stood beside her “Who are you?”.She asked Mr Delvin in fear “I’m sorry ma’am,i was the one that ran over you with my car,I’m so sorry”.Mr Delvin pleaded and she gaze diverted to me “R..Ryan,my goodness,Ryan is here”.She exclaimed “Hi”.I said waving my hand “Hi”.She said shyly “How are you feeling now?”.I asked “I’m fine,thank you”.She said and sat straight.My phone began ringing and I looked at the screen.It was my grandma “Hello grandma” “Where are you.you know I’m travelling today”.My grandma yelled over the phone “Grandma,we are in a hospital” “Goodness,what happened?” “We accidentally hit someone but she’s fine now” “Give the phone to the her,let me talk to her”.She said and I rolled my eyes “Grandma,she’s fine now” “I said give her the phone”.She commanded “Yes ma”.i said and gave the girl my phone “My grandma wants to talk to you”.I said “Me?”. “Yes”.I replied and she collected the phone “Why did she wants to talk to her”Mr Delvin mouthed to me “I don’t know”.I mouthed to him back The girl gave me my phone after talking with my grandma and I placed it on my ear “Yes grandma” “So I gave her a job at the house,she gonna start working there from tomorrow and take care of Amiyah okay” “Why grandma,we’ve told you we can take care of ourselves” “Just do as I say”.She commanded “Yes ma” “I’ll be leaving now,your brothers at gonna escort me” “Yes.bye”.I say and hung up Goodness,grandma doesn’t listen to anyone. “I’ll like to go home now”.The girl said to Mr Delvin “Oh.okay”.Mr Delvin said “What’s your name?”.I asked “Amaya”.She said standing up “Okay.My grandma said you are gonna start working at our house tomorrow but if you don’t wanna do it you can tell me” “I will work”.She said and I felt disappointed “Did she tell you the amount?” “Yes.Five million dollars” “I’ll pay you double if you leave the work” I said and she widened her eyes in shock.She did some thinking,looking at me and Mr Delvin before replying “No” “wait,what!!!,how could you refuse that offer?”. “I’m sorry but my answer is no” “Okay.Mr Delvin will pick you up tomorrow” “Thank you.Bye sir”.She said to Mr Delvin “Bye”.Mr Delvin said and she went out of the ward “How could she refuse that offer?”.I asked Mr Delvin and he shrugged his shoulders Well she’s the one in loss,not me.so I don’t care “Let’s go”.Mr Delvin said and we went out of the hospital . . .

Brought to you by: NAIJAMIC

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