♡The Rich Kids and I ♡ Episode 3

Amaya’s pov
I walked out of the hospital and headed
home.I’m really surprised that I’m not dead
because I was hit by a car,I could have joined
dad but I didn’t.About Ryan’s case,I rejected his
offer because of his brother,Dylan.They are
actually triplets but not identical.I have a crush
on him and this is my chance of moving close to
him,I can’t just let it slip and for the money,if I
work there for a year,I will get sixty million
dollars,isn’t that much than ten million .I got
home and met my uncle with my siblings in the
living room
“I’m back”.I announced
“Welcome”.My uncle said as my siblings came to
hug me
“How was school today? “.I asked squatting to
their height
“It was fine”.They both replied
“So why are you doing now?”.
“Uncle is helping us with our home work”.Betty
“Okay, have you guys eaten”
“Okay,I’ll go make lunch,what about you uncle”.I
asked standing up
“You don’t need to worry about me,I’ll soon take
my leave”
“Okay.I’ll be back in a sec”.I said and went to
the kitchen.My uncle came to the kitchen and I
turned to him
“I’m sorry Maya”.He said
“For what?”.
“Your dad’s death”.
“You’ve gone to visit him”
“Yes and they told me he’s gone.I’m sorry”
“It’s nothing uncle.I’m over it now.My cries can’t
bring him back.I just have to be strong for mom
and my siblings”
“You sure are the true daughter of your
father,you are just like him”
“Thank you.I’ve already got a job”
“Yes,but I’ll have to start leaving there”
“Okay,have you informed your mom?”
“No,I will when she comes back”
“Okay,I’ll be heading home now”
“Okay.bye uncle”
“Bye”.He said and went out
“Come on guys,it’s time to sleep,you have school
tomorrow”.I said
“Please big sis,give us five more minute”.Betty
“No,you guys have school tomorrow.so off to
bed”.I said and turned off the tv
“Okay”.They both grumbled and stood up.We
went to their room and I tucked them in their bed
“Our bed time story”.Betty said
“Okay”.I said and picked a book form their
“Onceupon a time,there was a…..”.I began
reading and they fell asleep as soon as I was
through with the story
“I’m sorry guys,I’m sorry for not telling you about
dad.please don’t be angry at me”.I said and
kissed their forehead before going out of their
room.I went to the living room and saw mom
coming in,drunk and staggering
“Mom”.I called and went to her,placing her hand
around my neck
“Let’s go to your room”.I said and helped her to
her room
“Mom,why did you drink again”
“I didn’t drink,where’s your father”
“He’s still at the hospital”
“Hasn’t he died by now?”
“Mom you at drunk,stop saying nonsense and
just sleep”.I said and used her blanket to cover
her body before going to my room.I changed into
my pyjamas and laid on my bed as I drifted to
Dylan’s pov
I went downstairs for breakfast and met my
brothers already seated
“Morning”.I shouted
“Morning Dylan”.They replied as I sat down
“Where’s Miyah?”.I asked
“She’s still asleep”.Ryan replied
“Isn’t she going to school today?”.I asked and
they shrugged their shoulders
“Where’s our food and where’s the new maid
grandma hired?”.I asked
“Mr Delvin has gone to pick her”.Ryan replied
“So we are gonna have to eat until she arrives”.I
asked and Ryan nodded his head
“I’ll order some pizza”.I said
“That would be great”.Kylan said and I went
I went downstairs after some minutes and met a
new girl in the living room,standing with Mr
Delvin while others are seated.I could see from
far that she was blushing,well who wouldn’t?
“So,this is the new maid”.I said when I got to
“I’m not a maid,I’m just here to work”.She replied
without stuttering or bending her head
She’s got some nerves,isn’t it
“What’s the difference”.I asked and she just kept
looking at me
“Don’t you dare look at me like that,get on your
“Why”.She asked with boldness and I chuckled
“You are asking me why?”
“Yes,why”.She asked and I became annoyed
“Fire her”.I told Mr Delvin
“I can’t”.He replied
“Mrs Eva said I shouldn’t”.He said and I exhaled
“Just stop it Dylan,she’s new here”.Ryan said
and I stared at her disgustingly
“Just watch your back girl”.I whispered to her
but she just kept staring at me
“Goodness”.I yelled and left in annoyance

Brought to you by: Naijamic
Story by Authoress Kenny

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