♡The Rich Kids and I♡ Episode 5

Dylan’s pov Damn!!,did that rude maid just slap me “Sir are you okay”.A guy(maybe a worker) asked “Pick the bags and follow me”. “Yes sir”.He said and I went out.I met the rude maid in my car and got extremely annoyed “Get down”.I said,opening the car but she remained there “I SAID GET THE HELLContinue reading “♡The Rich Kids and I♡ Episode 5”

♡The Rich Kids and I♡ Episode 4

Amaya’s pov I watched as Dylan left in annoyance and I rolled my eyes Well he pushed me to it,I don’t tolerate nonsense even if you are my crush “Let me show you to your room”.Mr Delvin said and took my laugages “Don’t worry,I can handle it myself”.I said collecting my luggages from him “Okay.FollowContinue reading “♡The Rich Kids and I♡ Episode 4”

♡The Rich Kids and I ♡ Episode 3

Amaya’s pov I walked out of the hospital and headed home.I’m really surprised that I’m not dead because I was hit by a car,I could have joined dad but I didn’t.About Ryan’s case,I rejected his offer because of his brother,Dylan.They are actually triplets but not identical.I have a crush on him and this is myContinue reading “♡The Rich Kids and I ♡ Episode 3”

♡The Rich Kids and I ♡ Episode 2

Ryan’s pov “Mr Delvin,slow down”.I shouted as the car moved fast “The brakes doesn’t seem to work anymore”.Mr Delvin said and my heart started beating fast “What!!,do something”.I yelled “I can’t,it isn’t working”.He said looking at the brakes “Mr Delvin,watch out!!”.I yelled but before we knew it,the car has already hit a girl. “Use yourContinue reading “♡The Rich Kids and I ♡ Episode 2”

The Rich Kids and I Episode 1

Amaya’ pov “Maya,my little princess”.My dad called on his sick or you can say dieing bed “Yes dad,I’m here”.I said admist tears,holding his hand tight and he smiled “You don’t have to cry my dear,I’ll be fine”.He said wiping the tears on my cheeks “I know you’ll be fine”.I said and sniffed and he startedContinue reading “The Rich Kids and I Episode 1”

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